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The Two Swords
(R. A. Salvatore)

A book review by Literary Magic (www.LiteraryMagic.com):

The Two Swords, by R.A. Salvatore, is the second book in a trilogy. It's gripping and great to read. In fact, you will always find yourself wanting to turn the page to read more. R.A. Salvatore is a fantay writer--and a good one--and writes in many genres, especially science fiction. However, he mainly writes fantasy (Sword and Sorcery) books and his biggest series are the books with Drizzt Do' Urden in them.
Who is Drizzt Do' Urden? He is the main chracter--and the favorite character--of R. A. Salvator as well and his readers. Drizzt Do' Urden is a Dark Elf, a Drow. He is the only one of his race that is not evil. The Drow live underground and are despised by all of the other races of the fantasy world--called Faerun--as well as all of the Good races of this land. It is up to Drizzt to face these races and to befriend them, even though gaining their trust will be very hard. Nevertheless, Drizzt Do' Urden, a warrior and the best swordsman of all the Dark Elves (and maybe even all of Faerun) fights on--both physically and mentally--until he wins every battle and succeeds through all of his trials.
The Two Swords is about one of the battles between Drizzt and his friends--the Dwarves and Humans among them--and vicious beasts such as orcs and goblins. The Dwarves and Humans fight the orcs and goblins while it is up to Drizzt to battle the orc king, a dark enemy that is very powerful. And, at the same time, Drizzt must confront his enemies of the past, and see if he survives.

Luckily he does, and in the end, he triumps, although there is still a little dark twist.

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