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Water Therapy-2

1. The Internal Use of Water Therapy: To initiate Water Therapy, drink 1.25 litres of pure, fresh water on an empty stomach each morning, after having starved for 8-10 hours the previous night-long. Please do not drink any less than 1.25 litres of water in the morning. Try consuming the entire quantity of water within 5 to 10 minutes. However, if in the initial stages of your therapy, you find drinking so much water rather difficult, you might start by drinking a quantity smaller than the prescribed 1.25 litres, and with time, graduate to drinking more and water, till you reach the 1.25 litre mark. It is easy to determine this quantity : An average soft-drink bottle holds 250 ml. of liquid. 1 litre = 1000 ml. Gauging thus, 5 soft-drink-bottles-full will give you your daily 1.25 litres of fresh, pure water. This, you are to consume within 5 to 10 minutes. Make sure to give yourself ½ an hour of complete rest, after drinking the water. Exercises, moving bowels or bath can be taken care of, only after this rest-period. Make sure you don't eat or drink anything within 1½ to 2 hours of drinking water in the morning.
Benefits : Which are the ailments that can be cured or controlled by this form of Water Therapy? They are : Asthma, cough and other respiratory diseases, cold and sinus, acidity, constipation, dysentry, indigestion, infections of the intestines, piles, blood-pressure, angina (pain in the heart/chest), uneasiness etc. The above mentioned experiment, if carried out with lukewarm water instead of cold water, can prove to be more beneficial for people suffering from 'Vat'-related diseases. The juice of a whole lemon, if consumed with lukewarm water, with 1½ to 2 spoonsful of dry ginger powder added to it, can help a lot in such cases.
In case of 'Pitta'-related diseases, mix 1½ spoonsful 'Trikatu' (dry ginger, black pepper and piper longum) in 1.25 litres of plain pure water and add ½ spoonful of 'Trifla' (Almond, Beleric myrobalans and Myrobalans) powder to that, and use this mixture for water therapy. If one requires relief from Cough (mucus) related diseases, one should carry out this experiment, with lukewarm water. In 1.25 litres of lukewarm water, add : 1½ spoonsful of ghee made from cow-milk, 1 or 1½ spoonsful of salt and 2 spoonsful of honey. Some people drink coconut-water on an empty stomach every morning, which is a good habit indeed. There is no water as pure as coconut-water, which is rich in potassium and other mineral nutrients. If you have the habit of drinking coconut-water every morning, keep in mind the quantity of coconut-water you consume. If you consume 100 ml. of coconut water every morning, and are into Water Therapy as well, subtract 100 ml from the stipulated 1.25 litres of water (for Water Therapy) and balance the remaining quantity with pure water, for Therapy. The same instruction applies for the juice of wheat leaves and lemon-water. Subtract the quantity of wheat leaves' juice that you drink every morning, from the stipulated quantity of 1.25 litre water for Therapy. Likewise, subtract the quantity of lemon-juice that you consume, from the mandatory 1.25 litres of water you are to drink, and drink pure water accordingly, to make your daily, morning fluid-intake add to 1.25 litres

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