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Still Rooted

Still Rooted
- Shakti Koushik

We are all part of a huge family. But sooner or later we are confined to our nuclear families and then only to our parents in the course of life. I also grew up in a nuclear family with very few visits from relatives. My whole world revolved around my parents and my brother and sisters.

I was the youngest in the family. This made me the most pampered and protected. I have two older sisters and one older brother . My mother would wake me up, put toothpaste on my brush and even helped me to brush my teeth!!! She would escort me till my school bus and she would carry my bag for me. And she would wait for each one of us at the appointed time. When we returned we were rest assured that she would be waiting for us. The moment she saw us she would give a beaming smile. As we grew up we would share our thoughts and problems with her. Infact she turned out to be my best friend.

And Dad he was wonderful! He was always there to guide us through everything.
He encouraged us to study, and read. Our conversations with him always enlightened us with stories from the Mahabharata, Ramayana, Veda, and puranas. We would talk on contemporary issues also any family problems were discussed .we all shared everything.
He encouraged us to go swimming, riding, participate in extra-curricular activities.

My oldest sister would teach me how to read and write. She would use her pocket money to buy books for me, so that I could inculcate the good habit of reading. She would take care of my studying and overall development of manners.
My second sister would play with me and she was the official fashion designer for all of us. For my birthday she designed the frocks. Mom would go crazy stitching our clothes her designs. But the ultimate collection would be beautiful and perfect.
My brother, I can very easily call him MR. FIXIT of our home. If any appliance stopped working around the house he would be called to fix it. And nine out of ten times he would fix it. Initially we shared a love ? hate relation. But as we grew up he was my dear big brother always there for me. He was the one who taught me to swim, to ride a two-wheeler and also drive. He was very possessive of all his sisters although he was younger than the other two.

Growing up was fun .We had our share of trying times but for some reason I only remember the fun times.

My eldest sister was the first to leave home. It was a big jolt to all of us. My father missed her, my mother missed her companion and the three of us missed our friend philosopher and guide. By the time my second sister could take responsibility it was time for her to leave. We missed her chirpy conversations and HER. My brother was next. We all missed his possessiveness for us his protection. It was really strange!!!

I was very much younger then them. So I was still in college. It was not easy to be left alone. I got involved with my studies and my extra ?curricular activities, and then I also left home to work.
We all got engrossed in our lives without even realizing it. Of course we would visit my parents time and again but it was not the same. We were all married by now and forming our own nuclear families.
Its weird how we grow up and get involved in our lives and ourselves. Its only when we move away we realize ?how much we miss them.

A few years later I had the good fortune of being in the same place as my parents we had a wonderful time we bonded again as a family with my husband included. During our stay my sisters and brother also came and we spent some time together and bonded together as a family again.

This meeting with all of with our extended families brought us back together. When we were sitting together and were feelingbad that we are far away from each other, my mother said ,? We are growing as a family and we want all of you to touch the skies , We will be your roots and no matter what happens you will always be rooted through us.?

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