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Lateral Thinking By Edward De Bono - Must Read
(Edward de Bono)

Lateral thinking is a term coined in the year 1967 by Edward de Bono, a Maltese psychologist. It is a way of thinking or looking at a situation in a manner that is not conventional.ateral thinking is also a book, of the same name authored by Edward de Bono. This book serves as a practical guide for the reader to develop thinking skills and solving problems in a alternative path that is radically different from the established ideas. e are all thought in school to come to a conclusion for a given problem in a systematic manner using logical methods. But Lateral thinking teaches us to dig deep into our minds and use insight and creativity to solve a particular problem or situation.In this book, the author emphasises the importance of changing our pattern of thinking to obtain results considered impossible by coventional methods.This book has been used as a reference material by almost all the business administration colleges and the methods described in the book employed in a host of multinational companies to boost creativity, innovation of their employees and thereby increase the profit of the company.ateral thinking comes as a breath of fresh air in the shelves of book stores which are flooded by innumerable number of self help books. Lateral thinking is an engrossing book that uproots our traditional thinking at times and inspires us to opt for the more unconventional thinking.The book is a very short read spanning about 260 odd pages but the real fun is in incorporating the techniques prescribed in the book in our thinking and day to day life.I highly recommend this book to anyone who is career driven and positive minded , who want to do better in life and increase their productivity but are stuck in a stale mate called life. hey can use this book to good effect in dealing with situations and outsmart any competitiors.Lateral thinking is a must read and should be a part of everyones personal collection.Go ahead , Read it and bring it to practice.

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