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My Land And My People
(dalai lama)

being a human being we all have same desire ,likes and fond .though god has written and given different path for us.sometime i too feel very sad that why god had did so.fortunately i got that book read twice ,and even passed to other few of my friends so they all really encouraged so here i am suggesting that book to all tha readres of the world to read this book because it is the book have many new things to be learned,its deals with one of great person of the world (his biography),all the more his fellow citizen's suffering,the things left secrect till the begining of the 21st century and also about the country like tibet.their people left without land ,home ,parent and even their relatives are separated and so many left and grown up without the care and love of mother and fatherif anybody interested please do read this book and enrich your brain and knowledge about the east

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