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Trojan Horse
(J.J. Benitez)

The first book of a series of seven, tells the history (theoretically truthful according to the author) of a pilot of the air force of the United States that gives J.J. Benitez ultra secret documents telling interesting missions, during the peak of the cold war, of a so dreamed trip to the past. Logically, the chosen time for the adventure was the terminal phase of Jesus Christ's life. The own author sees himself involved in the history, trying to find the valuable documents hidden by the pilot whitch at the same time misled the American secret agents and supplied clues about the location to Benitez. After he discovery the location of the documents, before the American agents, the author gets perplexed with the material he has in hands, and decides to publish it in a book, so the history could be known by everybody. The book is filled with technical, geographical and historical details. A really great experience for all lovers of a good fiction, or even those interested in Jesus' life, because the author gives us a little different version from that founded traditionally in the Bible. It is really an excellent reading. Flávio Ribeiro.

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