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São Paulo
(Fagundes Varela)

Taste to see it, yes? When á late it comes soft fisionomia frank Ingenuamente? All the street if cheers, and I allegro also with its happy countenance: blue skirt, white blouse? How many you swim of dream its look contains! Perhaps alive Aluz of the look nobody pulls out to it. - Taste to see it, yes? and is to it that one so well leaves blue, and that white blouse? Blue: - blue it is the color of the life that it dreams! White E: - white it is the color of its soul of child, where proper it if looks at irrequieta and risonha? Happy? it does not have gift and not yet it has passed? Only the future, and the future is an immense hope, a world that still is aculto of the other side!

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