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When It Is Said Of Color
(Carlos Iafelice Junior)

In the first case, called system RGB, we have the objectos that they emit light -;monitores, television, Sun, etc.; where the addition of different wave lengths of the primary colors of Red light + Blue + Green = White. In as the cor system pigment; we will go to spot a surface without pigmentação-;branca mixing the secondary colors to it of the light -;também called primary in plastic arts; Cyan + Magenta + Yellow = black. This system corresponds to the CMYK of the printers and serves to get color with pigments - inks and not emitting objectos of light. Many times the yellow, blue and red are called elementary schools, what he is incorrect in both spaces of color. Thus what if it calls blue elementary school corresponds to the cyan one. The primary red to magenta and the Primary yellow to the proper yellow. Nothing of this known age is still noticed that before the invention of the prism and the division the specter the white light it also sees difração, by that still today it is taught in our schools are the primary colors of which all the others are passíveis of being manufactured, what he is false. The main difference enters a blue body - illuminated for white light; e a blue emitting source is of that the blue pigment is to only absorb the green and the red reflectindo blue while that the emitting source of blue light emits effectively only blue. If the object was illuminated by this light it would continue to seem blue. But, if by the the opposite, it it was illuminated by a yellow light -; Red light + Green;o body would seem black. Measurement and reproduction We can say that two different specters of light that the same has effect in the three receivers of the human eye;células-cones; where they will be perceived as being the same color. The measurement of the color is basic to be able reproduziz it with precision, in special, in the graphical arts, architecture and signalling. Diverse methods for measurement of the color, such as tables of colors, the chromatic circle and the models of colors exist. Perception of the Color the color is perceived through the vision. The human eye is capable to perceive the color through the cones -;Células cones. The perception of the color is very important for the understanding of an environment. The color is something that in them is so familiar that it becomes we difficult to understand that it does not correspond the physical properties of the world but yes to its internal representation, the cerebral level. But the objectos do not have color. The color corresponds to an internal representation the level of the brain and physical stimulatons of very different nature give origin to the perception of the same color for a human being. We do not notice, for example, no basic difference in the color of the familiar objectos when a change in the illumination is given. For our visual system, the colors of the skin and the faces of the people and the colors of the fruits basically remain invariable, either even so so difficult to obtain that this type of objectos is with the certain color in a television monitor. The color does not only have that to also see with the eyes and the retina but with the present information in the brain. While, with a poor illumination, one determined objecto orange color can be seen as being yellowish or be colored, we normally see more easily with its certain color an orange, because objecto is one of that we know the color perfectly. E, if to use during some time eyeglasses with lenses that are green of a side and red of the other, later, when we take off the eyeglasses, we see during some time all esverdeado, when we look at for a side, and everything colored, when we look at for the other. The brain learned to correct the color with that it paints the objectos they to have the color that if it remembers that they have; e delays some time to perceive that it must later leaving to make this correcção. The call constancy of the color is this fenómeno that makes that the majority of the colors of the surfaces seems approximately to keep its appearance exactly when seen under very different illumination. The nervous system, from the radiation detected for the retina, extracts what it is invariant under illumination changes. Although the radiation moves, our mind recognizes certain invariantes standards in the percipient stimulatons, grouping and classifying fenómenos different as if they were equal. What we see is not exactamente - what it is there it are. But it corresponds to a simplified model of the reality that is of much more useful certainty for our survival. The complex organisms do not react directamente to the physical stimulatons in itself, but yes to the information on the stimulatons represented internally for standards of neuronal activity. If the stimulatons supply information on the color, are only because the sensorial quality the one that we call color emerges in the sensorial mechanisms for the learning process and are for this projectada on the stimulatons. E a great variety of combinations of very different stimulatons can generate this exactly standard of corresponding neuronal activity

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