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Rainbow Frog
(Frededreia Willis)

Once their was a Purple frog name David. David lived in a town call the Green frog town. But David was Purple and all the other frogs were Green. They laughed at David all the time and called him names like, the ugly frog, and more. But David didn?t mine them at all. One day the other frogs checked on David really bad, that David was sad, and started to cry. So the next day David?s mom woke up looking for him all over town. He never was found and Green frog town again. David hopped up on this town call Rabbit village this little girl name Latina. She picked him up and took him in her house her parents thought he was poisonous and told her to throw him back outside David was getting really big and began to turn Yellow then he ran up on a little girl name Lydia and she loved frog she took him home and did some research on him, but she found nothing. So she took him to the vet and the doctor told her that it was a rainbow frog David got big and BLUE!, and then he got bigger and turned PINK! he got enormous and turned RED!. BUT DAVID ONCE WAS GREEN LIKE NORMAL FROGS YA RIGHT SO WHEN YOU SEE DAVID SAY HEY MY GOOD OLD RAINBOW FROG

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