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Portuguese Music "Pray"

This is a beautiful portuguese song that I chose to translate so you can feel the essence of the tradicional type of portuguese music - FADO. It is sang by António Calvário and it is called Oração that means Pray. t won the first prize in the RTP Festival in 1964.

Oh Lord,
By your feet I confess:
- Oh Lord,
My love I've mistreated!
Oh Lord,
If your pardon I here beg,
I'm not worth it!
Oh Lord,
My love I've despised!
And I have sined!
Forgive me,
But I beg you!
Oh Lord,
You, that are my redention!
I know I lost her and I love her
And I cry
By begging your forgiveness!
I confess the perjury of so many promisses!
Oh Lord,
I was wrong but in life
I've found the lesson!
Oh Lord!
I beg you, Lord, my God:
Don't forget my pray!
Oh Lord,
Oh infinite compassion, give me your pardon!
For love, I will never find it!
It's late!
I walk throught life lost in pain!
Oh Lord,
This love is more pure than the rarest jewel,
Than the purest love of all!
If love is punishment,
I'm sorry my Lord!

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