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War Of Love
(Amanda renyard)

It was monday morning march 1944 In the military hospital ,Beth Slater ,a young nurse was writiing some notes when she heard the screech of tryes and bang of doors that signalled the arrival of yet another casualty
of this terrible war. Doctors and nurses bustled efficiently around the stretcher as the patient was carried into the hospital ,a young solider soaked in blood and clearly in a lot of pain. He was moaniing sofetly. His name was Danny
Briggs " Hush now ,Danny ,said Beth she knew how important it was to use a patients name. The young soliders hands were cold and his eyes was filled with fear .She held his hand as they carried him down the long cold corridoors
and then through the wooden theatre doors. there wwas no time for delay , and Beth wondered what the next couple of hours would bring for danny as she passed over the swab and medical instruments to the doctors as they operated on him .The lights and gowns made the medical team sweat as if they were melting.Finally the surgeon found the bullet.That was a slippery little blighter !Beth knew he wanted to swear but would notin front of woman.This lightened the mood slightly and Beth smiled . Light hearted moments were rare in this job,thought Beth though she loved her work. After the operation Danny was taken to a ward the next few hours would be crucial . Whie she filled in her daily reports silently praying Danny would make it.He looked so young with his black wavy hair and boyish face, but the strong muscular body was that of a man who had fought for his king and country .He had to live thoughBeth she had fought and lost too many battles to save these young men. It was hard been a nurse under such conditions but it had its own rewards in the end. Suddenly Beth noticed some

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