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(Thomas Harris)

Dangerous the serial one killer - cannibal - torturador-paternal Hannibal Lecter escaped of the arrest, and now it is communicated with loved its, the police woman Clarice Starling, using to advantage the bad moment of the career of it. As not he is silly, it is hidden and it is not nor a little in order to be imprisoned. But clearly, it feels hunger, and continues wanting to kill and to eat people, and clearly, to make friendship for there. Not necessarily in this order. Meanwhile, Mason Verger, the only victim of Lecter that obtained to escape alive, is wanting to avenge itself, of the possible skill cruelest. Two words that serve as tracks of what it plans: hungry pigs. Moreover, one rewards enormous is being given for the capture of it. But it is not only Mason that is behind our cannibal! FBI tá of eye in launches it, this includes Clarice, soon pra arrests it. Therefore, Hannibal has that to take very well-taken care of, because exactly killing it it is a good citizen, and has a fine super taste. Now, if you costuma not to twist for the faces that kill, twists for Clarice! It is facing problems in FBI, and needs to make something to recoup its rank, and at the same time she feels a peculiar interest for Lecter. If you it attended the film, it will go to be surprised obviously at the end of this history, that is well alucinante than of the version for the screens, and, the book is fuller of details and impagáveis scenes. Thomas Harris in fact pulled itself to write this workmanship, and got success: the narrative is empolgante, mysterious and agile, making with that the reader does not feel will to stop to each chapter. Valley very the penalty to read the continuation of the history of one of the best assassins, if not optimum, therefore it purchase wines that correspond to the date of anniversary that it likes!

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