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The Return Of Golden Age
(Shri Ram Sharma Acharya)

It is the age of science.We developed many things with the help of science.Now ,we have everything but no internal happiness.When we became sad ,we go for enjoyment of our choice,but it never give happiness to us.We can happy but for few minutes.How can we get true happiness ?Do you know it? Definitly it is possible.We have earn lots of power of money,power of force & power of mind.These all power can not give us total happiness.We are away from each other.Reason is that we always ignore the power of emotion or sprituality.We say spritual to us,but we no chractrstic of this.Sprituality or Immotion creats from our heart not from mind.Only reading of good books gives us knowledges but it can not give us emotion.emotion can be created by thinking of all good teaching & by adopting it in our behaviour.It will definitly change us. Sprituality is that which make our heart closer to each other.When our heart will close to each other,there will be no problem of misunderstanding.There will be no quarel.Only calmness will be seen everywhre. emotion is the greatest power of the universe.We have to creat it from our heart,it will change our life definitly and this will definitly returning of golden age.

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