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Lady Chatterley's Lover
(D. H. Lawrence)

Lady Chatterley?s Lover

Lady Chatterley?s Lover is a novel that explores the subjects of love, sex, social classes, and industrialism. This book was very controversial because it has very explicit love scenes. Not only did it have loves scenes and some choice four letter words, but it also involved the love affair of a lady of class with a man of the working class. The classic work was released discreetly after it was written in 1928. However, it wasn?t publicly introduced until 1960 when it caused a big uproar and even an obscenity trial.

Lady Chatterley?s Lover is the story of Constance Chatterley who is married to Clifford Chatterley, a man of title. Clifford was wounded in the war and paralyzed from the waist down making him impotent. Eventually, Constance becomes entangled in a love affair with her husband?s groundskeeper. She becomes pregnant and eventually leaves Clifford for Oliver Mellors, the lower class love of her life.

The first subject, and probably the most prominent, talked by D. H. Lawrence is the subject of sex and love. In the beginning, Constance only endures sex as something that comes along with the more important companionship and intellectual stimulation. As the story progresses, she has a love affair with one of her husband?s frequent guests. This seems to give Constance her first taste of desire, although still different from the eventual and total satisfaction that she finds with Mellors.

In the story, it seems at first as though that you can?t have your cake and eat it to. That is you can either like a man for his personality while tolerating the sex or you can like the sex from a man while tolerating his personality. However, when Constance connects with Mellors we find that it is possible to have both.

Another theme that Lawrence captures very well is the difference between classes. This is of special importance to the author because he was born in the working class and was an outsider throughout his life. Lawrence uses the differences between Mellors and Clifford to highlight his views on both the lower and upper classes. In fact, it seems that he had mixed feelings bringing to light problems with both classes. He also stresses that the obsession for money is one of the largest problems facing society.

The book holds parts of Lawrence?s own experiences. The mining town used as a backdrop for the book was similar to the mining town Lawrence was born in. Clifford was a writer and interested in intellectuals just the same as Lawrence. Mellors had been close to death and had problems from pneumonia that was also a problem that Lawrence suffered. Even the bleak view of the ending of the world, or at least the spirit of the world, could be attributed to the fact that D. H. Lawrence was towards the end of his life when he wrote the book.

In conclusion, the story may have been most known for the explicit love scenes that brought so much controversy, but the story conquered many important topics. The story was not only about love and sex. It was about inner conflict, loyalty, social classes, and life in general. That?s what makes this piece timeless and classic.

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