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My Woman Hates My Relatives
(Ken Agabba)

I have a girlfriend whom I have stayed with for three Years. My parents and some of my relatives know our relationship but, only her mum knows me.
We are only three children in my family. My elder sister is married and my younger sister is joining the university.

When that younger sister of mine comes home, my girl friend behaves weirdly; she mistreats. She treates her as a stranger or a housemaid. She frowns and shows no interest when I start talking about my family members.

My worry is that there is no way I can avoid my sister because she has no assistance at all. Besides, my family is small and we love each others company.
Stopping my sister from coming to my place means abandoning my family, which, I think, is impossible.

I have tried to talk to my girl friend about it but she seems not bothered. I love her so much but I hate her when it comes to family issues. I am worried that in future I may fail to help my family because of this girl.
Please advise me.

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