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(Daphne du Maurier)


The narrator (nameless) was Mrs. Van Hooper?s companion. They were in Monte Carlo when they met Maxim De Winter; he was the owner of Mannerly (a very beautiful and old castle in England). Maxim De Winter was a widower; his loved wife had died a year before. Maxim and the narrator felt in love and they got married. Maxim took her to Manderly and he introduced her to Mrs. Danvers (the housekeeper and best friend of the death Rebecca) and all the servants. The narrator felt a bit strange in so big castle, she wanted Mrs. Danvers to be her friend but it would be impossible. The narrator met Beatrice, Maxim?s sister and after having lunch with her and her husband, Maxim and the narrator went to the Happy Valley for a walk. They were playing with Jasper, Rebecca?s dog, when suddenly it disappeared, so the narrator went for it and discovered a cottage furnished where a crazy man called Ben lived. The next day she met Frank and she asked him about the cottage, he said that it belonged to Rebecca, and that she used it a lot and she used to leave her boat there. He also told the narrator about Rebecca?s accident (her boat had turn over and sank but nobody had seen the accident because she used to sail alone). Maxim had to go to London so she stayed alone in the castle when a man called Mr. Favell appeared saying that he wanted to see Mrs. Danvers because he was her friend. After he left the castle, the narrator went to Rebecca?s room. It was fully furnished, and then she turned round and saw Mrs. Danvers was looking at her in a strange look face. The narrator asked Beatrice about Mrs. Danvers and Mr. Favell, and Beatrice said that he was Rebecca?s cousin and that Maxim did not like him very much. Beatrice told the narrator that Maxim used to organize Dressing Balls in Mandrely so the narrator convinced Maxim and she organized the Ball herself. Mrs. Danvers told the narrator that she had to copy her dress from a picture which was in one of the castle?s corridors. Everything was prepared for the Ball. When the narrator went down the stairs, Maxim began to shout at the narrator because she was wearing the same dress that Rebecca had worn a year before her death. The next day, in the bay a ship hit the rocks so the divers went to see what had happened, and they discovered Rebecca?s ship with a body inside. So Maxim told the narrator the truth: the body inside the ship was Rebecca?s and that the body which had been buried in the church was not Rebecca?s. Maxim had killed her, he had shot Rebecca in the cottage and then he had carried her body to the boat and sank it. He had done this because their marriage had been a lie from the beginning. One day Maxim went to the cottage, where Rebecca used to spend hours with Favell, and they quarreled, Rebecca told Maxim that she was waiting a baby and he was not the father, so he killed her. The narrator told Maxim that she loved him a lot without mattering what he had done. Colonel Julyan, the justice of Peace, went with inspector Weld and Maxim to the enquire. James Tabb, the boat builder, said the boat was very strong and Rebecca had sailed it in worse weather than that night and he would like to know who had made the holes in the boat. Maxim was worried, Mr. Favell went to the enquire and said that he knew that Rebecca could not have killed herself because he had her last note which said that she wanted to see him to tell him something. Mrs. Danvers said that she had Rebecca?s appointment book, and she had an appointment with Dr. Baker. They searched in her address and found that Dr. Baker lived in London. When Maxim and Mr. Favell went to see him, he said that he had never see a woman called Rebecca De Winter in his life and when he looked for this name in his papers he found that he had seen a woman called Mrs. Danvers. Rebecca had used Mrs. Denver?s name because she had a terrible disease and she could never had a child, so the judge though that Rebecca had killed herself. Maxim andthe narrator went back to Manderly and when they were arriving they found that it had been burnt.

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