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Gone With The Wind`
(Margaret Mitchell)

Gone With The Wind

This is a book for the truly romantic. A classic book of romance set during the civil war. A book about young, chirpy Scarlett O? Hara (whom every guy would want to woo) and the dashing not-so-young blockader, Rhett Butler, every girl?s dream come true, a romantic story of the love between these two people set in the backdrop of the rising civil war in South America.
The book starts with Scarlett, the daughter of an Irish man, sitting with her friends the Tarleton boys, when she comes to know of the upcoming marriage of Ashley Wilkes, the man of her childhood dreams, whom Scarlett has loved all her life. Scarlett, a girl of sixteen, with all her childish anger and a jest for life, sets out to woo Ashley with all her charm, during the ball at five oaks (Ashley?s Home). There comes into the scene the handsome and charismatic Rhett Butler who is taken by Scarlett?s charm. All of Scarlett?s attempts to get back Ashley goes in vain, and Scarlett herself gets into a revengeful marriage with Charles Hamilton, Ashley?s brother ?in-law.
As the men are called out to the war, Scarlett goes to live with Ashley?s wife Melanie and subsequently becomes a widow.
In the mean time, Rhett who is a most detested guy in town for his frank, derogatory comments about the war and the men, comes into close contact with Scarlett, Melanie and others and gets to like Scarett even more, but pride and the fact that Scarlett is still in love with Ashley prevents him from disclosing it.
The civil war breaks out and now the author goes on to describe how Scarlett, who was only portrayed as a head-strong girl known for her tantrums to get things done is transformed into a strong-willed young lady who would go to any lengths to save herself and the people depending on her and also her land from the Yankees, how she toils to do all this make an interesting read.
Scarlett moves from one marriage to another, one for revenge, another to save her land, until finally Rhett offers to marry her. This is followed by some family drama, where Scarlett, still very much in love with Ashley, offers him a job in her mill.
Also, things start to go awry between Scarlett and Rhett and when finally Scarlett understands the true love of Rhett, he goes away after denouncing her for her ways.

Spanning some thousand and odd pages, this book has won the Pulitzer prize, and given rise to the most popular movie of all times and is one of the most popular novels ever written.
Scarlett O ?Hara is the protagonist of the novel, known for her deadly charms on young men. Lively and dynamic, she is one of a kind, who lives by her own rules and is so passionate about life that she goes against all odds to save herself and her land and family.
Rhett?s character is marked by strength, intelligence and dynamism,with a charm that never fails to attract a woman. With little concern about reputation, he makes the most of the war and becomes fabulously rich. But whatever they are, the readers finally come to love these two characters.
This book has also inspired a sequel because of its not-so-happy ending. Overall a must-read for those who don?t wish to miss a wonderful saga of love.

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