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101 Ways To Improve Your Memory
(Reader's Digest(Yves Ledanseurs))

101 Ways To Improve Your Memory

Our memory needs excercise.

this Book you will find

158 pages of entertenment with 3 games booklets, more than 500 puzzles with words, Games of Logic, Games of Observation, Test of Knowledge, Covering History, Geography and culture, Questionnaries that help you discover your mental strengths and weaknesses. Do them at your own speed and you will find your memory improving.

Our Memory is alweays at work, creating images and associations and filing these away in order there are 152 pages in this book that will tell you how your memory morks and find best tricks and strategies to give it muscle while always having fun.

In few weeks you will have acquired a new ability to retain names, words, passwords, codes, telephone numbers.......

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