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Deadly Cries
(Margaret Ellen Sweet)

The darkness in the corners of Arkansas lead to terror within!

Deadly Cries!

Deadly Cries lead readers through a journey of illusion, as one woman sets off on an adventure to help authorities capture five vicious serial killers. Living in a rural area the killers stalk, hunt, and brutally kill in a ritual fashion, which only one woman, Misty Marie has the keys to unlock the doors to their hideous crimes. Yet there is one problem.

Misty Marie suffers a baffling disorder, Multiple Personality Disorder-MPD.

Throughout the first chapter Misty Marie seems to stand on top of an illusionary mountain praying to God, and begging him to release her from the demons that traps her soul. Misty seems to be announcing to God, pleading with Him to explain her disordered symptoms. As she moves along through the prayers, visions of her mother shoot like rockets through her mind. Her prayers run deep, when all of a sudden, Misty wakes up to find her self-peering down a set of stairwells. The words she hears coming from the table terrifies her, which the words carry forward, up the stairs, and into Misty Marie?s face. What can she do?

Misty escapes after a brutal rape. As she wanders aimlessly and confused through the wooded areas, Misty stumbles upon a house in the woods. All of sudden terror traps her mind, yet Misty altered in state finds it difficult to understand why she fears the house. Then suddenly a sound came from the area, causing Misty to break into a run, thus escaping another area of terror.

The next day Misty Marie awakens in a park. Two African-American people discover her in which the people take her to a professional psychoanalysis whom they?ve befriended.

As Craig Jordan examines Misty Marie, instantly he recognizes her symptoms. Craig, immediately diagnosis the beautify Misty Marie with Multiple Personality Disorder and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder-PTSD. Craig then calls his friend who is a detective, and the group takes her off to the hospital.

Throughout chapter three, a bit of humor throws the reader into a turn over events.

Throughout chapter four Dr. Craig Jordan, along with Misty Marie bring Multiple Personality Disorder to life. During therapy however, a killer hunts his next victim, while Misty Marie screams out her relation to the killers.

Overall, Deadly Cries takes readers boldly where no reader or writer has ever gone before. Throughout the book, you laugh, cry, scream, and cry some more as Misty Marie finally makes it to the courthouse. Once in the courthouse, Misty, through her alter-personalities takes the courtroom through hell, while revealing the most gruesome crimes history has ever known. As the book nears the end, the author breaks off with a sudden ?WHAT!? At this point, you know the serial killers have returned.

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