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Email To Sms And Sms To Email Relaying
(Dr. Hedaya Al Asooly)

Email to SMS relaying

I devote this report to speek about some firms that offer Email to SMS relaying services, without going to much technical details in this report.

When I was studying in Czech Republic, I was using the Oskar mobile company services, and the good thing I liked with them, is that they give my mobile phone email address, and so any body can send email to that email address and the company will forward it to my mobile phone. Also I can send email from my mobile to their gateway, and they will deliver it to the destination. I was receiving news and email alarm notification to my mobile, which made things easy for me.

Unfourtanetly, the Jawal company and even Orange don?t offer such service, which encouraged me to look for any web pages that can offer such services. I found a lot of them, but unfortunately they offered such services by not free, and larger effort may be needed to look for company that can offer such service by free. Only sending Email from mobile can be found free.

For the moment I will give this report to focus on some firms that offer Email-to-SMS and SMS-to-Email services, to have a look how such service can be offered. Some of these,

Email2sms: http://www.sms2email.com/
IPiPi: http://www.ipipi.com
Excell: http://www.excell.to/
Intellisoftware: http://www.intellisoftware.co.uk
Clickatell http://www.clickatell.com/index.php
Text Magic: http://www.textmagic.co.uk/magicmessage/email_to_sms.html
oeoe http://www.oeoe.fi/testsms.html
SMSCountery http://www.smscountry.com/
IntelliSMS http://www.intellisms.co.uk/sms-gateway/
10· Mdaemon SMS gateway http://www.achab.com/prod/intern.cfm/
11· Ufm.8k.com http://ufm.8k.com/email2sms/
12. World-text.com http://www.world-text.com/

I attached important guides regarding Email-SMS and SMS-Email services as described by some of these web pages, without going to too much technical details about the implementation of these sms to email gateways in this report, for a sake of simplification.

There are also in the internet bulk number of desktop SMS softwares that gives us the capablility to send the SMS from our desktop, by the connection to some SMS gateway server, some configured to use proxy and some does not, and mostly we shall buy SMS credits. Some: Bigfoot SMS manager, iPiPiSMS_Im, others.

Also there are some outlook plugins tools, that integerate with microsoft outlook to allow us to send SMS messages through outlook, but again, nothing free, we shall have an account on their server. Some: Legion One OutlookSMS Lite, telemessage_outlook_plugin, @SMS Personal Outlook Pro, Messenger Pro, FASTSMS.

For the moment, I can?t say which web page is better, as they offer similar services by money, and I did not purchase from them credits. Also there are a lot of other web pages, which I did not go through them. But for the moment I can say that,

eXcell is the best from the point of view, it has free service that allow you to register even from mobile, you can send email to any person from the mobile and replies go to you email address you setup when you registered. All by free.

Sms2email.com and oeoe.fi and (maybe ipipi.com -not sure free-) give you the possibility to send emails from your mobile to their gateway by free.

Ipipi is good in that it set email address for your mobile phone (not free), so when anybody will send email to that address will be forwarded to your mobile or any other email address you wish. Also it alerts you when emails are received at your external email address. Then it is easilyto receive alarm notifications to your mobile.

Sms2email is also good in its pre-defined mode tosetup email address for your mobile in their domain, so any email will be forwarded to you mobile. sms2email is good also to send sms through http (web browser), smtp (outlook), and smpp client after giving your user name and password(not free).

Clickatell is good mostly to send sms through http (web browser), smtp (outlook), smpp client, ftp, COM and XML after giving your username and password (not free).

intellisoftware is good mostly to send sms through http (web browser), smtp (outlook), COM component or .net component after giving your username and password (not free). Replies will be kept in the sms in box or to other email address. Also, anybody can send sms from any mobile to your sms inbox.

I presented also some description about the Mdaemon SMS gateway server and ActiveSMS gateway server.

A list of all mobile companies that offer the email to SMS delivery gateways for their subscribers are included also, so you can join them and make things easier, until our mobile companies provide us this service.

As far as I see, the email2sms and ipipi seem to be the best to be used.

You can find my whole book published in http://www.lulu.com/content/347934
My Email Address: [email protected]

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