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The Da Vinci Code
(Dan Brown)

"The Da Vinci Code",the story that has stirred such passion is a work of fiction,says the author,Dan Brown.But in his "Fact" page in the book,he claims: "All descriptions of artwork,architecture,documents and secret rituals in this novel are accurate." It all began with the assassination of the Curator of the Louvre Museum,Jacques Sauniere, the keeper of the hiding place of the Holy Grail.Before dying, Sauniere left clues that would enable Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu to decipher the enigma.Sauniere leads them to an invisible trail.But all those arguments written or now visualized , aren't true.

As for the Priory of Sion,the proof of its existence dating to the year 1099 is based on false documents.In Code da Vinci : the Investigation (2004,Robert Lafont editions), they traced the Priory to its creation in 1956!!

The letters PS adorning certain stained glass windows do not signify Priory of Sion.Rather they mean Saint Peter.And the Obelisk standing in the northern transpet is not of Egyptian pagan origin.Rather,it is a gnomon,a scientific tool installed by astronomers in 1743 to perfect calculations of earths's rotation and the date of the spring equinox.As for the candelabra utilized by Silas,it is so heavy that it requires three men to lift it!!!

There are more false statements written in the so called historical thriller book "Da Vinci Code".It cant be a threat to christianity.Its just a thriller written by an excellent imaginist Dan Brown.We should appreciate his imagination as a great work of art.Moreover, its just a novel!!

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