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V. Jonah
(The Bible)

The story of Jonah is one that we can all identify with .The fight to stay and do what you know you should and the temptation to just run. Jonah had a powerful call from God on his life. Yet when God asked him to utilize those gifts he didn't want to .He ran. As though one can run from God, but not only was he running from God he was running from himself.This is something we as people all do.We try to pretend we are everything we are not.We try to make ourselves more deserving.We try to clean ourselves up, but you can't ignore what you are .You never completely demolish the fears or inadequacies but are continually grappling with them.We obtain the victory when we recognize our fears and struggles and stand victoriously over them.Jonah ran from himself , from his very skin ,from the God that created him and the purpose of his life.Did he not know that his creator was well aware of everything he had created him to do? Was he not aware that he was running himself in circles and diving deeper into a strange nothingness?Are we ourselves not aware that we cannot bypass ourselves and that to fully come to another level we must not run but stand face to face with ourselves?So why didn't Jonah want to help the people of Nineveh.Because they were sinners and he felt his own people were the only ones deserving of God's redemptive love.Or so he thought.He couldn't run far he was dependent on God and needed him to save him and God makes him realize his people were no better than the ninevites.It seems to be too deep of a revelation for him.It is that way for us as well. We become when we look at all we've done all that we thought that we were and see that it all means nothing . All that we use to clean ourselves up , all that we can do to make ourselves better is not enough.For a good state of mind we must make peace with what we are.

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