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The Greatest Psychologist Who Lived
(Mark W. Baker)

? Happy the pure ones of heart, they will see the God". Mateus 5:8 Living Bible
Jesus taught that the spiritual people become related of heart for heart. The emotional agreement creates a bond. We in feel them approved when the others they agree intellectually to us, and we are comforted when they in protect them physically, but only in we feel them on when we share with them experiences emotional. The pure ones of heart have a special connection with God not only because they are sincere, but also for its capacity to know clearly as if they feel. Jesus never placed the intellectual value above of the pureness of the heart. It wise person who the people they establish contact through emotions and that our more serious divergences are not regarding what we think, but yes the result of as emotionally we were wounded.
Spiritual Begin: The privacy that comes of a pure heart is essential in the relationship of a couple.

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