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The Davinci Code
(Ron Howard)

I feel that the ones that have written the DaVinci Code, need to go back and reread the Holy Bible and really see where the world began. The Davinci Code is being written as a sign of the times that we read about in the book of Revelations in the Bible that the time of the Antichrist would walk among the nations.
The authors that are behind this book need to go back and research the Holy Bible and reread it and know that in the book of Genesis, God created the world and Mary was Jesus' mother and not his wife.
This book, for those that are not Christians, may seem to believe some of the things that this book is promoting, but as a Christian, we do not need the Davinci Code to know what the truth is.
The Lord is coming back and we know this is much closer today than before.
The Davinity Code---is the Code of the Holy Bible. The Davinci Code is the Code of Satan.

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