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The Pelican Brief
(John Grisham)

Enticing plan of The Pelican Brief makes it stand out

By Hina Khan

This is a book where a person who starts reading it will leave it within no time until it comes to end. A novel by John Grisham who has created unpredictable twists and turns in the storyline where no one detects the real murderer. It?s the kind of story where top government authorities are involved, including the president and have left no evidence to reveal the murderer.

On one bloodthirsty night, two Supreme Court Justices are murdered. There at Tulane University, a law student Darby Shaw has a theory which explains who is accountable for the murders. By means of her school library and quite a few semi-public court case files, Darby builds up a documentary what is afterwards named as ?The Pelican Brief?. At the start it is observed as a feral theory, but shortly the document comes under inspection when readers of Darby's efforts start receiving case truthfulness. She begins her work with her Constitutional Law professor, and lover, Thomas Callahan. As the unidentified ruffian close in to kill them as well, Darby consult Washington Post writer Gray Grantham for his assistance in this case. Obviously, this makes Grantham her lover, as much of a goal as Darby, and the couple ends up absconding. Later she solves the mystery of ?The Pelican Brief? herself.

The storyline is well-expertise, parting a series of clues for the readers to pursue, but preserving the innermost facts until the closing stages. And as an astonishing twist, the anticipation in this story book is not engaged in the individuality of Shaw's and Grantham's chasers, but in the substance of the mystifying document recognized simply as ?The Pelican Brief?. The executioner is exposed in the middle pages but it is the ingenuity of intentions and deepness of conspiracy that keeps the story thrilling.

Those who comprehend the book have no need to watch the movie, if it's to gratify the inquisitiveness of how the characters of the imagination become visible through the filter of Grisham?s understanding.

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