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Mrs Dalloway
(Virginia Woolf)

Did you means "Mrs Dalloway" who else! of course! This book was given to me
by some friends, when all my books got wet due to the inadvertent putting out of the
fire which was in my head! And if you think that's convoluted ... well read on...

This book was held to be the best of 20th Century writing in the genre of
Feminist Literature! I used to read through it a chunk a day and then came to the conclusion that the stream of consciousness was quite a good idea as it allowed you to make up the patter as you went along! Somehow the fact of the matter was that Woolf didnt seem to care very much about
a beginning, a middle or a dramatic end but then that's another story.

This book centres on the character of Mrs. Dalloway who is a London Society lady who gives great parties ... the association with India always makes me think of some friends of mine who
were resident in India ... during the latter half of the 20th Century as /The British/ and still to this day keep in touch with everyone including myself! Ireland like India is a former British Colony! Often when I am invited over for coffee I am ready to don my pre-colonial cloak and talk in the lingo required ...
begging your pardon, yes Madam!

Woolf was no doubt famed for her amazing dialogue and the book evokes the period in English fiction of Ladies emerging in a man's world! Though I often have been asked whether or not we succeeded in really entering that man's world! Woolf had a nervous breakdown and was described by many writers as a /depressive personality/ ... I have always hated that word /depressive/ as it could be dressed up to mean ... great literary talent ... unique female writer ... there are ways of turning it around that are more acceptable ... which I prefer.

Virginia Woolf was born in 1882 and died in 1941 ... she is described as an experimental novelist ... her other work of fiction which comes highly recommended is "To the Lighthouse! Lighten the load ... reading fiction is fun .. happy reading!!!

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