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Shipwrecks In The Coast Of Parahyba
(Jair Miranda)

In the book Shipwrecks in the coast of Parahyba the author narrates the
researches accomplished in the coast of the state of Paraíba, in search of
explaining shipwrecks that happened in the state. After years of research from the Pitimbú beach until the Beach Stall of the Betrayal.They were identified 36 sunk ships, and
an airplane. Among the most important shipwrecks, they stand out Erie, North American ship known as Burned shipwrecked opposite to the Beach of Tambaú. An North American airplane Ventura type, that in the year of 1945, sinked in the water of the Stall of the Betrayal, because of electric breakdown in
the two motors. It is under the water in the depth of 9 meters. Another ship identified was Said Bin Sultan, known by the fishermen as Vanuaria. She is stagnated in the stones in the entrance of the bar of Porto of
Cabedelo in face of Lucena's Beach. Beautiful ship also identified through pieces picked at the place and of
correspondences changed with the American embassy of Brazil. Of who the author received documents checkers of the identification of the
ship.Captain Wilham Wielfikeld's name, the cotton load, and until an engraving
of how it was the ship at that time. The ship Alice, sunk in face of the Beach of Tambaú, it was a ship of passengers
shipwrecked in 1872, after a shock with the ship Purús. It is a book fruit of years of dives in the sea and in libraries,
files of newspapers, and depositions that helped to explain the cemetery of
ships that exists in the coast of the state of Paraíba.

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