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Dante's Equation
(Jane Jensen)

I honestly don't know where to begin describing this amazing book. It is literally breathtaking!
In Dante's Equation Jane Jensen tells the story of a rabbi in Jerusalem, a reporter in New York, a young scientist and her assistant in some university, and a soldier from the United States' department of defense.
The rabbi studies and teaches in a Yeshiva in Jerusalem. He is trying to prove that the Torah code does exist. He does this by searching for names of rabbi's who died in the holocaust. He wanted to show that famous and known rabbi's appear much more than unpopular rabbis. He was surprised to find that the name of a totally anonymous rabbi, Yaakov Kobinski, appeared more than any name. He was also very disturbed when the words usually found with this name were weapon of destruction.
The reporter works for a tabloid. His job is to investigate disappearings. One disappearance he is very interested in is the disappearance of a rabbi, Yaakov Kobinski, from a death camp in Germany. Many people are trying to stop him but he is determined to find the truth.
The scientist and her assistant, through a failed experiment, discover something that can make both of them rich. It can make the world a remarkable place, or it can destroy every living thing on earth. They discovered the secret to the universe.
A soldier's job is to find young scientists, the next generation of geniuses. He knows that the next deadly weapon will be invented by some nobody out there. His job is to find that nobody.
Yaakov Kobinski wrote a Book of Torment when in the camps. In that book is the secret to the universe. In that book is a secret the world would probably never be ready to know.

I won't tell you what happens when all these characters meet, and I doubt I would be able to. This book is something you start and don't put down until it's done. I don't know if it's been translated to other languages but it's worth finding out. Read it!

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