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If Tommorow Comes
(Sidney Sheldon)

One of the best piece of work by Sidney Sheldon, this story is not the usual Sheldon works involving mystery and sex. This story delves into the world of trickery and the exciting life of con artists as these people exploit one of the inherent quality of human beings, the quality of greed.
Tracy Whitney is a beautiful and an intelligent girl. Her happy life comes crashing down one fine day during which even her lover betrays her, as she has to go to jail on a false as she had to deal with the underworld mafia to take revenge of her mother?s death. But she is out of the jail in a short period since she saves the daughter of the jailer.
Tracy?s previous employees aren?t willing to take her back and she doesn?t find any work. Thus Tracy reluctantly enters the world of conmen and due to her intelligence she becomes very successful at this. And she starts enjoying it. Her success can be seen from the fact that the police of various countries think that Europe is attacked by a gang of ladies who are tricking people. Various acts of trickery are shown in the book like the stealing of a very famous painting from a museum in Paris, looting an Italian director in a train of his wife?s very precious jewels. She meets a man named Jeff whom she falls in love with later but initially she despises him as he had tried to trick her.
They both decide to marry and leave this profession forever. But before that they have to complete a last mission. And the whole of Belgium police is on their lookout. But they are successful in tricking the whole police force and complete their mission.

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