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The Firm
(John Grisham)

The Firm - John Grisham

This best-seller will capitivate the reader from start to finish. A young up and coming lawyer who has yet to pass the bar exam accepts a position within an elite corporate law firm in Memphis, Tennesee. Little does this innocent lawyer know what is in store for him whilst working with this firm. He stumbles upon many happenings that do not quite add up. He carries on, not wanting to believe that his colleagues are nothing but crooks and murders.

This young lawyer is soon approached by the FBI, who are asking him to act as a spy so that the FBI can put these criminals in prison. It is revealed that the firm that the young lawyer is working for is owned by a crime syndicate in Chicago. At first, he refuses, until he finds out that he is being watched and listened to where ever he goes.

However, he has a plan of his own. Angry that he has been cheated and duped into to believing he was working for reputable firm and that his wife and family are now in imminent danger has cause this man to become very angry with the firm who hired him and the FBI who will not leave him alone. He has no faith in their promises to protect him, so he concoct his own plan to deal with all of them.

This book is the thriller to end all thriller when it comes to John Grisham's writing. The Firm would have to be one of this author's best work. John Grisham has the talent to keep readers up all night reading, as this is one book where satisfaction is not forthcoming until the reader knows how the story ends. A great book.

Copyright 2006, Janelle Coulton

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