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Britian: A Better Living Standard
(Daljit Khankhana)

Britain is such a country where you can see your representatives without appointments or recommendations. You can discuss your matter with them. They treated you always respectfully and politely. They never consulted to disrespect the law. When I was traveling to a local park in my town. My MP was coming down from Memorial park he shakes hand to my wife and me also asked about children. My wife told me, I reckoned his face. Who is he? When I told her, he is our MP. She was very astonished. If you are traveling to Britain you can walk any where without ID. Police never interrupted anyone?s freedom until a person is not involved in any criminal activity. Illegal people interred into the land and they worked and live freely until they wait for their day of indefinite. People live freely they cooperate each other. This is British system ?s understanding that they provide equal opportunity services. There isn?t any restriction that any foreigner who got his indefinite can?t participate in Political party system. He can apply any job; it depends only upon his qualification. People have right to condemn their representatives although The Prime Minister. They knew that Economic instability compelled under developed country?s citizens to enter to Britain for better living standard but they never harassed them until they are living respectfully and behaves cooperatively. It is not like other Democratic countries where citizens have no right to conversant their MP?s when they are holding their offices. English MP?s never asked for bribery. No one recommends for better work places to anyone. Nobody asks his or her support to join university. There is no reservation. No caste system but people still having practice. Law is only superb. If you like to live peacefully you can live. They always respect you. But system has very strong devices for criminals. MP?s never participate to save any criminal?s life. Police investigation is totally responsible service. Police never asked for bribery to any citizen or they never believe in someone?s recommendations. Court is only superb that delivers justice without informal conditions. Government has facility of free advice bureaus for citizens where they can get advise for their rights. Although system provides opportunity equally in economic, social, cultural, political and religious etc, sectors for growth and prosperity but still criminality is developing in local sectors. Developed and underdeveloped values are in contras. The greed is taking place in their blood. They don?t want to adopt civil liberty. Few people believe in that system where illegal people are treating as traitor and innocently they put them behind bars and they praised to that system with their civic pride although they are enjoying British services. You can serve for mankind there are most volunteer opportunities that can support the human beings but few religious teaching never gave a right to their followers to become a human. British system respects others traditions and customs and people are taking benefit and supporting criminal activities.

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