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Os Manuscritos De Jesus

In this book the author makes revelations on the History of Jesus - it was not crucificado; she was a leader politician interested in the power; e, good of rhetoric, ahead wrote of the proper fist its defense of the Roman Court. Baigent if bases on a Roman legal document, of 45 after Christ, where a certain Jesus ben Josef, immigrant of the Galiléia and land proprietor condemned by Pôncio Pilatos, makes surprising declarations regarding its divine nature. Although the secular celebration and veneration around of the figure of Jesus, the author assures that its trajectory of life and the circumstances that had taken it to the death extremely had been mitificadas. Historian of religion and one of the biggest specialists in the subject, Baigent had access the occult archives, registers of private societies, maçônicos documents and particular collections of traders of antiguidades and its customers to analyze the climate politician where Jesus was born and grew, examining not only the conflicts between Romans and Jews, but the fight enters the different factions of the movement zelote, broken Jewish of opposition the Romans.

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