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Don't Get Married Dad!
(Fina Casalderrey)

Her mother is not here anymore and she will never be back, and in the heart of Elia there is only space for her dad, her brothers, and the memory of her dead mother. Nobody else could be in it. But it seems that for Elias dad is not the same; her dad is able to share his love and give it to a stranger, and he doesn't seem to care that this could destroy his daughters heart. But maybe Elia will learn that it is not necessary to share the heart between the people that you love; fighting to make a place; that instead it has the rare capacity of teaching itself more and more to hold in him everyone that is known. Don't get married dad! is the story and the heart-rending cry of a young woman, who lost her mother that she adored; Elia loved her mother just like all the children love theirs... or maybe more; because like it usually happens, the memory that Elia had of her was "superior". In that memory, her mother is the most beautiful and sweetest, and her desserts tasted like glory. Besides all that when little Xian was born she refused to kiss her mother. And that refusal left her a bitter sweet taste, because not long after her death came. But now, Elia is the one that is convalescent in a hospital, and she refuses to forget: her memories come one after the other in her mind and the images of something sometime lived hit hard her mind. Elia did not want to erase or replace those images that with so much love she tresured. And what taunted her now was why did her father need another women? Weren't they fine by themselves? Why did he fall for the sweet-talk of that witch? Why all of the sudden her mother's picture on top of the dresser had disapeared?

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