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If I Die In A Combat Zone ---vietnam
(O'Brien, Tim)

Tim O?Brien?s autobiographical novel, If I die in a Combat Zone is an anti-war novel, in that it depicts the cruelties committed by soldiers in the Vietnam War without providing a moral justification for them. Ultimately, it considers how this purposeless war exploits soldiers and everyone directly involved. O?Brien has doubts about any possible moral justification of the Vietnam War throughout the novel. After thinking over the moral implications with his college buddies at the beginning of the novel, O?Brien is certain that the War is wrong.
Later in the novel O?Brien contrasts his moral consideration of the War with that of his Superior Officer, who thinks of war as a sort of exhilarating game, finding importance in the act of bravery that it takes for a soldier to fight a war and understanding O?Brien?s reluctance to participate in the War only as a fear for his safety. After telling the battalion commander that he thinks the war is wrong, the commander replies in a way sympathetic to his fear, as though its his fear that has turned O?Brien against the War. After coming to a village, an old Vietnamese farmer washes the soldiers with water that he draws out of a well. O?Brien writes of the senseless cruelty of one of the soldiers, one with blonde hair and a big belly who hurls a carton of milk at the face of an old Vietnamese man. www.valiantdeath.com ---- for wonderful experimental music/ art/ zines

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