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Ana Terra
(Érico Veríssimo)

Ana Land was one of the four children of Maneco Land and D. Henriqueta. It is born in Sorocaba and it comes with the family for the vast solitude of the fields and coxilhas of the Great River of Is Peter (Rio Grande Do Sul). The father makes to them, some times, a useless promise to come back toward S. Paulo. In 1977, she was a young woman of 25 years who still waited the love and the marriage. Full and red age of eyes and black hair, face very clearly, lips. It lived with the father, and mother and two brothers, (Lúcio already was embedded in coxilhas...) in the open field, under the fears of invasions of the indians or the Castilians. They took primitive and poor life very. The farm that inhabited could not be more primitive. The old Land, as the children, was illiterate, man taciturno and of few words. The furniture of the farm, scarce and rustic. In that desert that people nothing made more than to work of sun the sun, to eat, to sleep, to wait... One day was almost always the repetition of the previous one. The family was separated in that green of horizontes without end. They did not have calendar, nor clock, nor neighboring next. Always that some important thing happens to me, is blowing, costumava to say Ana Land. Years are transferred. E was in one day that it knew an indian, thus bred in a jesuítica reduction, Peter Missioneiro. It found it feiro close to sanga and the father and brothers had collected it and they had treated it in the farm. Although certain unwillingness of the father and brothers, the indian was being and if incorporating the primitive clan. There it lived, it worked, it touched flute and it counted lendárias estórias very, in a mixed language of Portuguese and Spaniard. Of the loves of Ana Terra and Peter Missioneiro, it goes to be born, later, a son who will repeat the feições and the name of the father and the stubbornness and the silence of the Maneco grandfather Land. Peter Missioneiro appears and disappears encircled of some mystery and if he projects as a myth. It possesss certain magical powers that become it half supernatural. To fulfill to the code of honor of the clan and for order of the Maneco head Land, Antonio and Horácio, brothers of Ana, they kill and they embed, far of the farm, the indian Peter Missioneiro. Well far of the ranch not to infringe the sacred duty of the hospitality. All question of familiar honor. The son of Ana Terra and Peter Missioneiro was born in 1789. The life continues bitter and if it becomes tragic, when a flock of Castilians invades the farms of Lands, kills the father and the brother of Ana Land and the two slaves, forceing Ana Land and disappears, destroying everything and leading what they had wanted. Horácio is married and if it moves for Medium brown River. D. Henriqueta already he had died. Still they had escaped of the Eulália slaughter, woman of Peter, Rosinha, its son and Peter, son of Ana Land, that for order of this, if had hidden in the weeds. When the carts of Martian Heifer pass for there, in demand of the sesmarias of Colonel Ricardo Amaral, the two women and the two children follow with them, Ana Land follow for the distant rincão of Fé Saint: it is the escape of its solitude, of its family, eliminated, of the crime of the brothers who had killed Peter Missioneiro, of the unreliability and the violence that had taken account of its land. It is the escape to the past. After long trip and suffering, they arrive at the end of the way and fincam raízes in the land. Eulália if joins a widower and creates the Pink son. Ana Land creates Peter. They are launching the foundations of Fé. Saint Passes the time, Peter, already young, she comes back of a war under the orders of the Colonel and if house with Arminda Mello: of the marriage she will be born a couple of children, Juvenal (1804) and Bibiana (1806) that if large house with Maruca Lopes and Rodrigo Cambará. Colonel Ricardo Amaral died in the War. Now, new war for the conquest of the Eastern Band. E was there again, for the war, Peter Land, now, under the orders of Major Francisco Amaral. Peter wise person well what it was a war. He went without no illusion. Saying farewell itself to the mother, he says to it, he asks for to it that he takes account of everything therefore has hunches of that he will not come back. Ana Land is listening to the wind. She was of such maneirahabituada to the wind that until seemed to understand what it said... About the ventania nights, it she thought about its deceased. Many years later, its Bibiana, already made woman, heard the grandmother to say, when ventava:Noite of wind, night of deceased...

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