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Knock At A Star
(X. J. Kennedy; Dorothy M. Kennedy)

Not many people can argue that reading is an essential part of development in children. Books of all types can help children develop strong vocabulary and reading skills. Even though book reading is strongly encouraged, poems are often overlooked. Poems, like other children?s books create a strong sense of imagination and thought development in children. Poems not only develop literacy but develop an understanding of rhyming, spelling and a connection with history. Poems stir up feeling and emotions while generating a plethora of images about the world and its people.

Knock at a Star is a book on children?s introduction to poetry. This book covers a wide variety of poems designed specifically for children. The book includes limericks, takeoffs, songs, show-and-spell poems, finders-keepers poems and haikus. The poems are introduced through easy to follow categories: What Do Poems Do?, What?s Inside a Poem, Special Kinds of Poetry, and Do It Yourself. Each of these categories is them divided further to allow readers to choose which areas of poetry they fancy.

With this introductory to children?s poetry book containing over 150 poems, it would be difficult for a reader not to find a poem from this collection that they enjoy. The poems in this book are small stories that children are able to easily relate to. All of the poems included in this book have children readers in mind. Some examples from this book include: Learning by Judith Viorst, Triolet Against Sisters by Phyllis McGinley, I Had a Little Nut Tree, and Listening to Grownups Quarreling by Ruth Whitman.

Poems have many means and attempt to share a variety of things with readers. Some poems have no point but simply to make us laugh while other poems attempt to give readers an insight into other people feeling and thoughts. You will find this book is an educational and great addition to your children?s reading collection.

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