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Different Types Of Books
(Ranadeb Ray)

Books are an invaluable source of Knowledge.There are
many types of books and each one really teaches us to look
at that particular book in a different way.How do we
comprehend it?What are the advantages of reading a book?
Well,just to name a few ,there are books on management,law,
cooking etc.I have to mention here that comic books are
quite famous and not only the kids read it,but sometimes
even the adults read a book just to pass away the time.There
are so many books that if one were to look at it to study
each and every aspect of all areas, one would have to sit
and read 24/7.But thats not possible.What i meant to say is
that evn one`s lifetime could be short enough to read each
category of a book.Each and every kind of a book teaches us
some values,values which are so important .
Another very important thing is that each
and every book should be respected and not mishandled.We
should respect the books that are available to us and we
should take utmost care of it.

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