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Can We Live Without Trust?
(Daljit Khankhana)

My nature is very kind and cooperative. I trusted others when they come to explain me about their problems. I never suspected them they are making me a fool. They have had their ready-made stories.
In my next street, a gentleman came to me and told me a story. I lost my job last week and paying every week a finance scheme. I already had application to get those funds next week. I need very urgent 200 pounds if I failed to do that I shall lose my one year saving. I am your Indian brother; I promised I should pay you within a week. I trusted him.
I was going to pay my bill. I told him this is in blue letters until they shall issued me a red one; you have two weeks time to paid me off. I handed him over two hundred cash.
When I came back home I told to my wife. She was little bet angry but later she compromised me.
I was seeking a job. Money was also problem was me. Wife was only earner.
She didn?t come to me within two weeks. I found him very hardly after four weeks time. His wife told me, he is cheating to everyone. She was living with her disable child and paid me off within three months in further installments.
We are living in a society where needs are a need of a person. We have interlinked our relationship. Sometimes it seems very hard to believe when people approached me only for cheating.
I have several occasions when people cheated me and I always suffered innocently.My wife always warned me not to trust others. Is it possible to live without trust?

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