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The Last Battle, The Chronicles Of Narnia

Once there lived an Ape and a Donkey in Narnia. The Donkey, called Puzzle, was good-natured but not too bright and the Ape, called Shift was greedy and clever and dominated the Donkey. One morning they found a lion skin in a river. The Ape made Puzzle disguise as Aslan and used him to gain power over the other Talking Beasts. He sold some of them as slaves to the neighbor land Calormen and kept the others in sheer terror of the will of allegedly angry Aslan. Even Tirian, the King of Narnia, could do nothing about it and chose to die instead of living with the awareness that Aslan is far from what he believed him to be. Fortunately, however, he was rescued and got help from the other world, something he thought happens only in tales or in the far past. His rescuers were Jill Pole and Eustace Scrubb, two English children, who had been in Narnia ages before and had rescued King Rilian from enchantment. They helped Tirian discover Ape?s deception and captured Puzzle in order to show it to the other Beasts. But it wasn?t to be that easy. When they showed the Donkey to the Dwarfs, they stopped believing the Ape but didn?t want to believe the King either and decided not to let be taken in any more. Things were getting worse and worse. Some of the allies Tirian counted on, were already dead. The Ape was manipulated by a Calormen Captain and an even more intelligent Talking Cat. Now they were telling the Beasts that Aslan and Calormen?s god Tash are one and the same, and they called it Tashlan. During one of the meetings held on Stable Hill, a place where Puzzle had been previously kept, the Ape encouraged volunteers to enter the Stable and meet Tashlan personally. In fact a warrior was waiting inside with orders to kill any naïve creature. But strange things started to happen. First the Cat, who was involved in the conspiracy, ran out unexpectedly terrified and lost his ability to speak. Then a young righteous Calormen went in and nobody knew what happened to him. Finally, in a result of a battle, Tirian and both children got into the Stable too. What they found inside was unbelievable. A huge meadow, bright and full of flowers stretched beyond the horizon and almost all the legendary Kings and Queens of Narnia, fully grown and in their best outfits, awaited them. Shortly after that came also Aslan. He was pleased that the visitors liked the place, but could do nothing about the Dwarfs. The poor creatures had also been thrown into the Stable, but seemed not to be able to see all the wonders around them. They preferred not to be taken in on any account.
Finally Aslan decided it was time and woke Father Time, who helped him summon the stars from heaven. Then he made all the Beasts come through the Door, look into his eyes and he divided them to good, which were allowed to stay, and bad, which lost speech and ran away. After that the end of Narnia could be completed. Peter, the High King, shut the Door and they were all told to go Further Up and Further In. At first Lucy cried over Narnia, but soon they all noticed that the land they were in was a copy of old Narnia, and a better one in fact. Deeper, more colorful, pure and real. As if Narnia they knew was only a land of shadows, a reflection in a looking-glass. They enjoyed also their bodies and abilities to run as fast as a unicorn, swim upward a waterfall or to see things which were far away. When they reached a peak of a mountain they were actually heading for, it turned out to be an even purer Narnia. They met there all the legendary heroes of Narnia, including Reepicheep and Mr Tumnus. Most surprisingly the children saw also their parents waving to them, though far away in a place resembling all the best of England. When they were wondering how it all was possible, Aslan told them that a railway accident had taken place and they were all, in our terms, dead. But that is where the Real Life and Real Adventures actually begin.

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