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Variedades Dos Indíos
(pedro henrique)

Varieties of the indians the use of an only word - indians - to call the enormous set of inhabitants of the current Brazilian territory at the time of the arrival of the Portuguese already is indicative of quão the new occupants had little learned with the peoples who lived here. In the end of century XX she is only that it was started to have an idea, still precarious, of cultural, social, economic and technological the dimension of these civilizations - and how much it was important in the formation of Brazil. The recent scientific discoveries very disclose a universe bigger that comumente registered in our history. One of the reasons of this unfamiliarity was the devastação that if followed to the contact between Europeans and indians. It is enough to remember that the calculations most recent indicate that, for return of 1500, up to 8,5 million people they lived in the current domestic territory, to the step that at the time of Independence, in 1822, the Brazilian population did not exceed 3 million people. Only in the second half of century XIX, with the arrival of immigrants, the population came back to the levels of century XVI. In this period of destruction, it was lost dimension of that it was disappearing. The Brazilian indians formed a set of nations - some with the dimensions and the population of the European countries of the time - and of customs, language and habits so varied as these countries. Only now, in the end of century XX, when they remain only about 300 a thousand surviving indians of the slaughter, this diversity starts to be studied, to be demarcated and to be established. Exactly with the current works, this original dimension of variety total was still not recouped.

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