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Liberating Love
(Arun Uralungal, XI)

Liberating love
Dreams have their bounds
Which take you only so far.
You may reach the horizon
But you'll never touch the stars.
But love is quite unique
With no boundaries at all.
It can conquer every peak
And withstand every fall.
But if misunderstood
It will crumble to dust.
Love is something marvellous,
It replenishes your soul.
It fills up your spirit
And makes your life whole.
Dreams may be pleasing,
But only for a while.
Love is eternal;
And will never beguile.
But try to betray it,
And it fades right away,
Leaving nothing but duskiness
And sorrow.
Dreams give you liberty,
Love liberates your heart.
Dreams have an ending,
Love has a start.

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