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The Robots Of Dawn
(Isaac Asimov)

For those who have even the foggiest idea about Robotics are going to have a paradigm shift once they read this book. The Robots of Dawn takes you to a planet where humans and machines coexist ? infact humans are by far outnumbered by machines.

Can a Robot resemble a Human? Can a Robot think or act like a Human? Is it really possible to create an illusion that amounts to conviction? Can a Robot become a Man?s best friend? And can a Robot be really considered as living? The whole idea seems not only unbelievable but also to a great extent very fairytale like?

Asimov weaves such an intricate and intelligent story that it all seems perfectly logical and at the same time you visualize the entire book as a movie and consider yourself to be a very crucial part of it.

The Robots of Dawn is set in an age of multiple planets inhabited by human beings and is about an Earth Detective Elijah Bailey who is sent to a distant planet to solve a murder. What he finds there would forever change your entire perspective on the man-machine relationship.

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