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I, Robot
(Isaac Asimov)

That a machine can be made to think, process thoughts and run errands on command is not only unimaginable but also defies the human laws that run this world where even animals who are much closer to humans than Robots can?t really be made to understand every human thought and command.

I Robot is one such collection of stories where Isaac Asimov takes you to a world of Machines where three deftly crafted laws not only make them run errands but make them so human like that ultimately they might really place a threat to the dominance of humans in our society.

From the Robot who becomes your little son?s best friend to the one who tells you things that you want to hear, from the Robot who becomes a mind reader to the stubborn one who is found lost but ultimately proves to have a very strongly laid first law, Asimov?s storytelling creates in your mind a paradigm of what the world would be in the next century.

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