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The Last Battle
(CS Lewis)

Aslan, the great lion who created Narnia, hasn't come back in over a centaur's lifetime. In his absence, a greedy ape called Shift forces Puzzle (a lovable but dimwitted donkey) to pose as Aslan, dressing him up in a lion's skin and acting as his spokesman. Even King Tirian and his unicorn, Jewel, are fooled like the rest--until they discover that this so-called Aslan is selling Narnians to the Calormenes as slaves, slaughtering the dryads, and proclaiming himself one with Tash, a cruel deity worshipped by Calormenes. In despair, Tirian cries out to the children Aslan used to save Narnia from several previous disasters. Hence the entry of Jill and Eustace, who join the king in his quest to wrench Narnia from the grip of a monstrous and deadly deception.

Tirian, Jewel, Jill and Eustace attempt to shut Shift up by kidnapping his prop, Puzzle. They succeed, but this backfires when Shift accuses them of setting up a false Aslan. Each night, the ape addresses a crowd of Narnians by Puzzle's stable. The real Aslan, Shift tells them, isn't the kind, forgiving lion in the stories. He isn't, in fact, Aslan at all, but Tashlan. The Calormenes support Shift, who plans to deliver Narnia into their hands. All this time, Shift insists that Tashlan still resides in the stable. What he doesn't suspect is that Tash is real, has answered the summons of his Calormene worshippers, and is waiting behind the stable door. But when the Narnians discover the truth, not all are willing to join Tirian in his struggle against the forces of evil, the last battle before Aslan returns to claim his own.

This is a beautiful book, moving and original (although symbolic). It's surprisingly grim for a kid's book: Narnia is conquered and destroyed, and most of the "good guys" are killed in battle. But fortunately (for some) death isn't the end--it's the gateway to eternity, and reunion with those who are beloved. I highly recommend this book, but you may want to read a few of the earlier Narnia books first (if you haven't already), just to get your bearings.

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