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Comedies Of The Private Life
(Luiz Fernando Verríssimo)

The fidelity

On tuesday, women and children rested at the beach. The husband arrived and told that he received a anonymous phone call disclosing that his wife had a lover surfer. She denied and asked to never distrusted your allegiance. The husband came back toward Porto Alegre because he would have a commitment in the following day. But the commitment was in that same night: The woman called Maitê. In the truth, with all this history, obtains a preventive habeas-corpus.


A man said to his doctor that to make sex with your woman had to think about other women, some objects? and passed some time, it did not advance anymore. He now only got excited itself when he thought about a mature woman, with the hair starting to be white, brown eyes? and this is his own woman.

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