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A House For Mr Biswas
(VS Naipaul)

This is a great work of literature that describes how the writer came to write
epic prose! It is held to be as great a Dickens writings and Naipaul has done nothing else throughout his life but devote his great talents to writing.

The conflict is about tradition, culture and VS Naipaul hails from a tradition beginning in
Trinidad and moving over here to England in 1950 on a scholarship! Mr Biswal was a failed pundit or something of a comedian!

The introductory notes by Ian Buruma and of great assistance in dissecting the innuendo and metaphorical content of this great book!

The style too is greatly complimented and it brings us up to a point in which the book could easily be packed into a briefcase and you could dip into it when you have a moment to spare!

VS Naipaul wrote it in 1961 and I was at school at that point in time ... carrying my books in my schoolbag and reading all in front of me ... Excellent reading ... a great work of literature in English!

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