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Borstal Boy
(Brendan Behan)

Then may I introduce to you .... Brendan Behan ... the successor to Sean O'Casey -
the man with words, on the page ... quoted often by readers as...
"the English hoard words like misers, the Irish spend them like sailors! " Wonderfully flamboyant style in writing and I stress the descriptive passages are truly excellent.

Brendan Behan is a great literary talent and it's interesting to note that this book was produced
in a time when young boys and minors went to Reform School known as Borstal! It is indeed most
acceptable to note the rebellious style of Brendan Behan's writing ...

Work also included is: The Quare Fellow - he is indeed a unique literary talent!

The theme of prison, I must admit, is grim, to say the least but there is solace in the notion
that the writer seeks to overcome this prison cell mentality where rules must be kept not

It is a masterpiece of the 20th Century Literary Tradition in that it encompasses characters and experiences which are the dominant feature in this book and must have plagued the writer

It's true that the overall impression of Borstal Boy is not at all horrifying but rather presents
truth in its naked entirety to strike I would add, fear into the soul of the readers.

Behan's great literary style and tradition is much acclaimed outside his native Ireland - and when I was in Dublin sometime ago, Irish Societies were prolific and the Behans were much discussed and read about as part of Brendan Behan's great Irish Literary tradition.

Last year I was in London, on business, and chanced upon an Italian Cafe ... pushed my way into it ... ordered my coffee and there to my amazement was a wall decoration of Brendan Behan and the characteristic nuaces of his writings were displayed prominently around the walls of that London Coffee House ... the coffee was excellent and so was the decor!

I read with interest how Brendan Behan became a cult figure in literature and many famous political figures quote Behan as their favourite and most influential writer!

Kenneth Tynan a great critic of art and literature was a devotee of Brendan Behan! I recall the fuss made about Tynan's views when I was a college many years ago. It's a rare day when somebody doesn't mention Tynan's view of Brendan Behan so I refer to ... /flushed and spoiling/ from Tynan's review - an
extraordinary work of literature ... excellent reading ...

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