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Angels And Demons
(Dan Brown)

Angels and Demons is another masterpiece in thriller writing from Dan Brown. While his later work, ?The Da Vinci Code? has undoubtedly stolen the limelight and provoked worldwide controversy, this is equally enthralling and causes a real storm with its religious overtones.

The Illuminati, an ancient, anti-religious cult, seemingly resurfaces to accomplish its historical destiny ? destruction of the Catholic Church. The cult brutally kills a world-respected scientist from a top scientific research facility in order to steal the first ever man-made sample of ?anti-matter?. Anti-matter is a would-be world-enhancing energy source, yet, if not controlled properly, a devastatingly destructive substance.

The symbolic branding found on the dead scientists body leads to Harvard professor, Robert Langdon being secretly called in to solve the mystery of who, what and why. However, when the sample pops up on a CCTV screen at a hidden location within Vatican City we witness worldwide pandemonium unfold.

Vittoria Vetra, the mysterious Italian daughter of the murdered scientist, accompanies Langdon to Rome to assist the Swiss Guard in locating the sample. Yet things go from bad to worse when they find out that it is the day of the election of the new Pope and that the Illuminati have kid-napped the four Cardinals favourite for the job!

They realise that the only way of stopping the bomb is to find the killer, and hopefully before he kills the Cardinals. This leads to Langdon and Vetra solving a series of historic riddles stretching right across Rome, in hunt for the illusive killer. But would they solve the riddles in time?

The book throws up some interesting moral questions about the role of religion in today?s society and how, more and more, spiritualism is being overlooked and technology is being embraced by a society that is not necessarily ready for it consequences.

Angels and Demons is chiefly set in Rome and contains the same exemplary level of architectural detail as seen in The Da Vinci Code. While this is a work of fiction, in the main the descriptive parts of the book are fact, which helps give the story a realistic feel.

To conclude, this book has it all; action, suspense, mystery, intelligent twists and romance. It is truly un-putdown-able.

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