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Jade Butterflies
(Kathy M. Zhu)

In ancient China, tradition prevented women from studying and receiving
an education. However, the beautiful and daring Mei ingeniously
disguises herself as a boy so she can go to Beijing and study at the
famous Guiyan Academy. She meets Shan Shu, also a student on the way to
the capital, in the most unexpected fashion, and they decide to travel
together. They go on a perilous journey filled with adventures and
barely make it to their destination alive. Shan ends up winning much
more than just Mei's respect, but she must mask her true feelings if
she wants to prevent her identity from being revealed. At the academy,
Mei finds herself caught in a battle against a force so corrupted that
it threatens the future of China. Determined to bring this evil to
light, Mei is prepared to risk everything. Her plan is ruined as
unforeseen events arise, sparking off a chain of events which soon
escalate out of her control. Mei is forced to reveal her deepest secret
which jeopardizes something that she values above life itself. This is
a tale of ancient history, marvelous adventures and an enduring romance
woven together with a twist, introducing aspects of the Chinese
culture to the modern day audience.This book has been enjoyed by anyone who is interested in folk tales, history, Chinese culture, or just a really good story! A true page turner, many have finished it in one sitting.

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