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Handbook For The Positive Revolution
(Edward De Bono)

Edward de bono needs no introduction. He has reached
millions across the globe through his lateral thinking.
Just the other day, I chanced upon this popular handbook -
one that was originally written for Brazil's revival. But
the universality of the book makes it apt for any
individual in any country. This book, the author warns us,
is not about thinking habits and methods. It is about the
fundamental; background and setting in which we would use
our thinking skills. It attacks the conventional wisdom
content with a fluency of argument and the ability to
attack and defend positions.

The first thing that
strikes the reader is the offbeat size of the book and the
lemon yellow colour of the pages. As the author remarks,
this is a practical handbook, not an intellectual
thesis ....the recommendations are to be tried out in
person, not chewed like gum in never-ending debates. The
author leaves it to the reader whether to turn the positive
revolution - the subject matter of the book ? into an
individual, national or international phenomenon.

Unlike the conventional negative revolution,
the positive revolution knows no enemies and is to be
enjoyed as it is happening. Each point reached is a goal
that sets a new goal. Bono is well aware of the fact that
traditional thinkers would find the idea of enjoying a
revolution as it unfolds very difficult to implement.

Bono then proceeds to discuss the foundations of
the positive revolution:

One, Principles or the
broad direction for thinking: the five fingers of the hand -
thumb for effectiveness, index finger for construction,
middle finger for respect, third finger for self
improvement and the little finger for contribution.

Two, Methods or the mechanism that drives the
revolution, viz, Perception, Naming, Symbols, Organization,
Spread, Education and Thinking;

and Three, Power -
that of perception, information and

In a beautiful appendix at the end of
the handbook, Bono guides us on how to form an
effectiveness club or E-club; the tasks they can perform;
the people it can bring together; and the time it can
devote to constructive work.

Note the difference
between love and respect and effectiveness and
intelligence. Pearls of wisdom, undoubtedly. If we can
dismiss our absurd emphasis on negativity, it would mark
the first step towards the positive revolution that the
author aspires for.

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